My path as a photographer started through passion for understanding how the technology works. I was working for 4 years at  Institute of Digital Photography (IDIF) in Prague and led several kinds of workshops, teaching keen photographers how to make better pictures of products, portraits or how to operate their DSLR. As a photographer, I worked for many clients satisfying their needs for product photography (L’Oreal), corporate events and cultural events (several music magazines).

Even though I have been working as a journalist, project manager and director of sales and marketing throughout my career, digital photography has been with me all the time. It actually started my whole career and thanks to DP I have traveled to many different places around the world and have met many interesting people. I love photography because I feel calm and focused while looking through the viewfinder. I also met the love of my life through the viewfinder :)

Most of my favorite pictures were created during several photographic workshops to South Africa, Namibia and USA.

Now I am settled in the USA, looking forward for next big adventures :) Our company does real estate photography in Las Vegas.

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I wish you good light.


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